Booking sessions

At Avivi Photo, we strive to make every session tailored for you and your needs.  Ahead of the session, we will call you for a pre-session consult - to discuss the images you would like to get.  We will also talk about props, background, location etc.

With an exceedingly tight schedule, we have to be very selective about our clients.  We are also committed to your satisfaction, and will customize the session experience to your needs.  This means that when you do book a session, you will get images you will treasure forever.

While we prefer to work in the Bay Area, we do offer sessions outside the bay at additional cost.  While sessions typically take one to four hours, we can accommodate multi-day sessions with advanced booking.

With our commitment to rescue animals, we do not offer sessions to pet breeders.

What is the cost?

Sessions start at $500, and are priced according to the location, type, anticipated length of the session, and desired products (number of desired images).  We require a 50% deposit at the time of booking, with the full balance when the images  are delivered.

All regular-sized photo paper prints  and digital images come bundled with the session.  Large format (greater that 16x20"), framed, canvases, metal or wood prints are outsourced and are priced at cost..  Specialty products (calendars, promotional items, device covers, greeting/holiday cards , etc.) are also available at cost.  Due to our commitment to quality - we only work with professional print labs.

We do offer fundraising events and sessions, for selected non-profit organizations.